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Recorded 2014.


released September 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Spooky Basements (In The Attic) Ann Arbor, Michigan

We play music that we like, and we have fun playing it. We don't play music to make money, become famous, or have a sea of twelve year old girls show up at our shows. If you like us, awesome! Tell your grandparents about us! If you think we suck, don't listen to us! ... more

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Track Name: Wolverine
I made a pact with myself to never trust again, because lately my greatest enemies were once my closes friends. My heart is sorely damaged, because i wear it on my sleeve. my optimism lacks a pulse, and my hope is dwindling. I've been trying to fight them for what feels like a lifetime; these murderous impulses, and desires for revenge. I thought that i could beat them, but now fatigue is setting in. I've lost my cool. I'm gambling with my life, and i know that i'm gonna lose. I don't fear the repercussions of what i know will follow soon. I became reckless, and i stumbled over the edge by traded in my ticket to heaven for a slime shot at revenge. I decorated the walls with blood, and gasoline. The sound of sirens rung high, and harmonized their panicked screams. I heard their final cries as i walked the streets. My adversaries now plead for what's left of their lives in the purgatory. I told you motherfuckers that there would be coming a day when fire would fill your rooms. When all of your heroes cease to be brave what are you gonna do? Now all of the people i've come to hate burn to death in their beds. They're calling out for something, but nothing is there. My sympathy is fucking dead.
Track Name: Shellshock
You're hoping that a miracle will sweep you off of your feet tonight. You've wasted your youth indoors by waiting for change to find your life. Inevitably you have to find a better way of living. Get away from your windowsill. Stop contemplating, because all of the world will never stop changing. You choose the path in which you walk, so walk! Take a stand, and use your voice. Change the scene around you. Be polite while you're alive. give and you will receive. Use respect, and intellect. Your compassion's will provide you with the attention, the affection, and acceptance that you seek. It's easy to drown in your fantasies (whatever they are.) If you spend too much time daydreaming the future will pass you by. Success will come if you make the first move, and cast the first line. You are the only one who can spark the fire. Dependency should be a form of luxury too often it's mistaken for a necessity. We all face pressures, and we live lives that aren't easy. if you close your eyes you might miss what you must see. All of the world wants you to wake up. Make the first step, and become a part of something before the end.
Track Name: Grip
Ignoring present settings you know corruptions an invasive thing. Your body is aching for something more than your brains content to do nothing. Get energized open your eyes, and become aware of your surroundings. The world is a disturbing place, so why wouldn't you want to stay preoccupied by video games, because life gets hard when you can't load a save. You're lying lonesome in your bed with trifle running through your head. You just turned on your t.v. set, and what you're getting is braindead. How many nights have you gone my dear without shelter for your mind, without comfort, and without sleep? Just how many days have you lost my friend to vegging out wide open mouth dissolving into your t.v. screen. Your enthrallment with the virtual world has enticed your idleness. Your self improvement has been disregarded, and categorized as an encumbrance. You're lying lonesome in your bed with trifle running through your head. You just turned on your t.v. set, and what you're getting is braindead. You're braindead like i am, and he is to. We're sitting here in our living rooms. Sedentary in our tombs, because life's a game that we all lose. We try, and try to disconnect. We really need to get a grip.
Track Name: Beat The Bees
Beat The Bees!